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Business Specifications

Business Requirements context and description with appendixes when applicable.

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Technical Specifications

Technical requirements description with appendixes (when applicable).

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Other information regarding Technical
Requirements, for example:

  • Architecture Requirements (when applicable);
  • Migration Requirements (when applicable);
  • Security Requirements (when applicable);
  • Performance Requirements (when applicable);
  • Testing Requirements (when applicable);
  • Other relevant information.

Timelines & Capacity

Timelines & Capacity context (when applicable).

Expected Duration *
Expected Start Date *
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Handover Period *
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Description of Delivery requirements, particularly delivery methodology and relevant associated information.

Example for Scrum Methodology:

  • Sprint duration of 2 weeks;
  • User Stories sizing method
  • Support System (e.g., Azure DevOps or Jira);
  • Documentation effort of 10 %.

Work location considerations.

Presential delivery requirement *

KPIs definition and considerations (when applicable).

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Team requirements.

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